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Wayne S. Smith C.E.T.

Photography, Renovations and Technical Services

Being interested in so much; Photography, Designs, Building, Technology, and almost any artform.


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Phone : (613) 678-7765

Main Skills and Services

Photography - Images in Time - Making Memories last

  • Communicating - product, events.
  • Preserving memories - smiles, emotions.
  • Videography - moving others with moving images and sound.
    • Training videos
    • Interviews
    • Editing - sound - mastering outputs.
  • Art - Having images around us that inspire!

We strive to produce quality and timely images for you. Architectual Design or just an amazing home, product or idea. We can also set up a website with a unique domain name for your Real Estate site e.g. (depending on availability)

Technical Services: Electronics, Client / Server, Unix, Linux

Having worked in product support, computer systems, and technical support, I would be happy to discuss with you any technical support concern. Please feel free to call for pricing and availability.

Web Page - Responsive Emails

  • Advertising / Marketing
    • We all get these - It is the biggest return
    • Information quickly read
    • Visual Product
  • Newsletters
    • Quick Read - help them see what you mean.
    • An image in front is better than a paper excuse.
    • Get the person to know more!
  • Stay in control of the format
    • Background color,
    • Text and font size,
    • Titles and highlights,

We can help you with "Web friendly emails" that are great looking, compatible with cell phones, tablets and desktops and compatible with most popular mail clients.

Renovation and Construction

Facebook page for renovations
A Tool box is much like a hat - It's mostley about what's in it.

We love to see the vision for your home go from the dream you have always wanted to the final product that you can be proud to show off. Whether it's painting, repairing something or something more involved, I'ld be happy to discuss it with you.